Bangkok Airport Guide to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Bangkok Airport Taxi options

The best way to get to the city centre is by riding a taxi. To make it through, you can pick it up an ordinary metered taxi.

The trip to Bangkok will usually take you around 30 up to 45 minutes. Take into account that traffic in Bangkok tend to be hectic sometimes, especially when it rains. Given this fact, it could take much longer than expected (at least 2 hours). We recommend you to take it easy.

You will find two kinds of taxis (among the several colored cabs):

- Ordinary taxi: for 2-3 people with short baggage. 
- Maxi taxis: For 3-4 people carrying large baggage. 

How it works

After clearing customs, immigration, and collecting your baggage, please head to the Arrivals Hall. There you will find a kiosk with the signs “Taxi Meter Only”. Approach to it. You just need to tell to the officer where do you need to go, then he will give you a paper with your destination printed down and will point you the taxi you’ll have to pick.

Please keep this paper along with you since it has the taxi driver’s registration details and can be used as a complaint form in case of problems. Do not give it to the driver under any circumstance (some of them can ask for it), though it is hopefully an odd practice. 
Remember that taxis should always use the meter. In case you observe a driver who doesn’t want to turn it on when you have asked to do it offering you a quote and a fixed price, please get out of the taxi, report it to the officer and ride on another one.


You can find them on the first floor. You just need to follow the “public taxi” signs to get to a roofed area outside the airport buildings. Please make special attention since the cabs have a multitude of colour schemes but all of them have the TAXI-METER signs on the roof, at Entrances 4 and 7.

Taxi companies

The following taxi companies give service in Bangkok Airport: 

- Tom Taxi Services (Tel. +66 98 281 2537)
- Taxi Bangkok Service (Tel. +66 92 592 0820)
- Thai Taxis (Tel. +66 81 459 1929)
- Thai Happy Taxi (Tel. +66 84 115 8210)

Book online

Just let you know that if you prefer to book your taxi online to be picked-up from the airport you can do it here


All Bangkok taxis sets its taxi meters at 35 baht, thought from the airport there is a surcharge of 50 baht. 

If you decide to go through the expressway, an additional cost of 75 baht will be surcharged to pay both entrance and exit tolls. 

In traffic jams there is applied a 1.25 bath fare per meter when moving under 6 km per hour. 

The total trip cost can vary between 250 to 400 baht according to distance and traffic. The average cost is established around 300 – 350 baht if your destination is within the inner city. 

It is polite and grateful to tip the driver with around 5- 10 baht since they are not usually tipped. 

TIP: To avoid the airport 50-baht surcharge, you can take a taxi at the fourth level, which is the Departures Hall, and take one which just dropped off travelers. 

Taxi scams

Some tourists reported they have been a victim of scams regarding taxi services. 

Our recommendation is to avoid bad practices and ride a cab from the Taxi Meter Only taxi stands. You’ll find many suspicious cabs offering taxi services which may seem more affordable than ordinary taxis – please avoid them.

Even people who ride a taxi from the Taxi Meter Only stand can fall into a scam. Before riding a taxi, ask the driver to switch on the meter: You’ll see number 35 glowing in red. Please keep the door open before checking that the driver has activated the meter to avoid possible scams and move to another taxi in case the one you want to ride refuses to use the meter. 

Remember to keep always with you the piece of paper given by the official in the taxi booth and do not give it to the driver: it contains the taxi driver’s registration details and can be used as a complaint form in case of problems. 


Tips to ride a Taxi in Bangkok

- Many of Bangkok’s taxi drivers speak few English. It can be a problem unless you do your best to express and make you understand. Please be patient. 

- Be aware of possible scams regarding taxi services. Ask always the driver to switch on the meter and keep with you the piece of paper given by the taxi booth in the airport. 

- Bangkok cabs can be of many colours. Don’t get upset, it is because they are from different companies.

- Don’t take a taxi in front of any hotel since they are suspicious of bad practices and possible scams.

- Some drivers may refuse to take you to the destination you have asked for. If this happens, please report it to Land Transport Department (Hotline 1584) and also give them the car plate number. 

- Please have in hand a map of Bangkok in Thai. Sometimes you’ll have to show it to the driver since they cannot know where your destination is. 

- It is polite and grateful to tip the driver with around 5- 10 baht since they are not usually tipped. 

- Watch out while stepping out of the taxi. Motorcycle is a common mean of transport used in Thailand and can be everywhere. Make sure that there isn’t any motorcycle around before getting out of the cab. 

Share a car

Sharing car apps such Uber and many others are a useful way to get to your destination at a reduced cost comparing to the above options. You can consider to share your ride with more people or simply join another one’s trip. 

The best way to do so is by downloading the local Thai car share Haup.

Tuk – Tuk

Since it is another popular and cheap way of transport, tuk – tuk is also an iconic element of Bangkok’s daily life. 

There has been a big discussion around the tuk-tuk fares regarding taxis as you can find contradictory opinions about the price of a single ride in this mean of transport since they don’t count with meters. 

The most common complain about tuk-tuk drivers is that unexpected stops through the city are done in order to make you purchase some items from any of the stores they stop to. Since they get benefits to do this, final fare can get higher than expected as the ride will be longer.


As tuk-tuks don’t have meters, before riding one you should agree a fare with the driver.

Average offered prices goes around 110 to 120 bahts. 

Tips to ride a Tuk-Tuk in Bangkok
- Fares can vary considerably according to distance, time of the day, traffic, etc. A regular short trip should cost you no more than 30 baht. 
- You should negotiate fares with the driver since he will surcharge you, especially if you’re a tourist. Try to negotiate between 5 to 15 baht off from the proposed fare. 
- Be aware of the scams. Don’t trust tuk-tuk around touristic areas, especially if they offer you special routes to shopping places and sightseeing tours. 

- Don’t take a tuk-tuk during the following hours: 7:00 am to 9:00 am and 16:00 pm to 19:00 pm, which are the peak hours of the city and it is most likely you get in a traffic jam. 

- Take them for short trips, as they are ideal in terms of fares and velocity to move through Bangkok.