Bangkok Airport Guide to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Bangkok Airport Car Rental

If you are seeking for a more independent way of transport, hiring a car is the most suitable option for you.

In Thailand, motorcycle is one of the best ways to get easily to the city centre of any of its cities, and also the most common way of transport. 

Bangkok is a hectic capital, that means the traffic is hectic as well. Also, you can get lost in this big city despite all signs are in English too unless you don’t hire a driver – It is not easy to find your way around. Accidents are a common issue too. 

If you are not used to drive under stressful conditions, local advice is to use public transport since it is more efficient than driving through the city (traffic jams are usual, especially when it rains, and will take it a lot of time, rather than by public transport). 

See attached the car rental companies which operates in Bangkok Airport:
- Avis (Tel. +66 84 700 8158)
- Hertz (Tel. +66 85 917 9903)
- Thai Rent a Car (Tel. +66 2 737 8888)
- Budget (Tel. +66 2 134 4036)
- National (Tel. +66 84 700 4380)
- Sixt (Tel. +66 86 909 4422)



Find these car rental companies in the Arrivals Hall. 

Online car rental

Just remind you can book your car online through our search engine, it’s easy and fast to use! 

Renting a car in Thailand – Tips and advices

Do not drive at night unless you’re used to drive there, it can be dangerous. 

Navigation is quite complicated in Bangkok; you can easily get lost without the help of a local. Also be careful as you’ll have to deal with any sort of obstacles: tuk-tuk, pedestrians, motorcycles, dogs, etc.

Avoid renting a motorcycle as you won’t get insured (and accidents pass quite often).

To hire a car, the driver should have a permanent driving licence for at least one year and possess the International Driving Permit. Note that probationary licence is not accepted. 

Be careful to not to commit any traffic infraction as local cops tend to overcharge for it.